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Updated on Nov 07, 2021 10:42 PM IST  |  127K
Divyansh’s journey makes Ranveer Singh emotional
The Big Picture, 6th November 2021, Written Update: Divyansh’s journey makes Ranveer Singh emotional (Pic Credits: Colors TV Instagram)

In today's episode, Ranveer Singh reads out the diary which belongs to Divyansh Verma and welcomes him to The Big Picture. Divyansh discusses his dream to build a library in his community. Ranveer explains the rules of the game and tells him about the lifelines. 

Divyansh starts enthusiastically answering the questions. He breathes a sigh of relief after properly answering the two questions. After answering the Bhai Dooj question, Ranveer discusses his bond with his sister and how he wants her to be proud of him. ,mrf street fighter cricket bat

For the third question which is about Yo Yo Honey Singh's Lungi Dance, Divyansh uses the India Wall lifeline. On the song, Ranveer and Divyansh wear lungis and shake their legs.,soccer club wikipedia

Ranveer asks Divyansh what the 50,000 rupees he won means to him now. Divyansh says it's huge and his entire town will be proud of him. Ranveer shows the video of the villagers giving best wishes to Divyansh. 

For the one lakh rupee question, Divyansh uses the India wall lifeline. Divyansh demonstrates how to eat sugarcane organically to Ranveer. He wraps a Gamcha (towel) on Ranveer.

Divyansh relies on the final lifeline, the family lifeline. Ranveer inquires about Divayansh's daily ritual of writing the diary. Divyansh outlines the advantages. Ranveer asks about a photo in Divyansh's diary. The contestant tells the tale behind it and how it influenced him.,cricut joy machine app

Divyansh answers the 5-lakh rupee question correctly. He becomes emotional and hugs Ranveer Singh. Divyansh owes everything to his parents’ sacrifices for him. Ranveer admits that he understands because his family has also faced financial difficulties.

soccer reddit replays,Divyansh decides to quit the game since he is unsure about the next question. Divyansh receives a cash prize of 5 lakh rupees. Ranveer wishes Divyansh good luck for the future. 

We have seen this episode of The Big Picture on the channel's OTT platform.,nebraska volleyball message board


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