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Updated on Nov 07, 2021 07:54 PM IST  |  108.3K
Halo Infinite Rumored to Feature Multiple Campaigns
Halo Infinite Rumored to Feature Multiple Campaigns

In just over a month, Halo Infinite will be released, offering one of the most eagerly awaited Halo experiences since 343 Industries took over the series from Bungie. It's because Halo Infinite is going back to its roots, with a campaign centred on the Halo ring. Fans of Halo have been waiting for this campaign for a long time. It's possible, however, that Halo Infinite's campaign isn't the only one in store for Halo aficionados. More proof of additional campaigns in Halo Infinite has been unearthed.


Three "Jump To" buttons appear to have been added to the Halo Infinite webpage on 343's Halo Waypoint Hub on Friday, referring to parts farther down the page. "Multiplayer," "News," and, most notably, "Campaigns" are among them. The button's label is plural, meaning that it will link to information about numerous campaigns. However, pressing the button results in a subheading that reads "Campaign" and a brief synopsis of the Halo Infinite tale as fans have already heard it.


Multiple campaigns in Halo Infinite isn't a novel concept. While 343 hasn't explicitly stated that numerous missions for its online shooter are in the works, it has hinted at the possibility. This is because Halo Infinite is more than just "the next" Halo; it's also a platform for future Halo content. Chris Lee, the current Studio Head at the time, stated in 2020 that the launch of Halo Infinite would be the "start of the next ten years for Halo," with plans to build the experience over time.

The "Campaigns" button was previously featured on Halo Waypoint's beta website, so it's not entirely new. There were some doubts at the time about whether it was a typo or a mistake, but now that the website is online, it's safe to say the button is there on purpose. Although the website now only refers to a single Halo Infinite campaign, it is designed to allow for the addition of additional in the future.


What's more plausible is that 343 plans to launch Halo Infinite on December 8, as scheduled, with a major marketing push. Then, not long after that, 343 will reveal its intentions for post-launch content, including major expansions. New campaigns are likely to be included in these expansions. All inside the Halo Infinite platform, 343 could perform small seasonal campaigns, medium-sized annual campaigns like Destiny 2, or huge multi-year full-sized campaigns akin to traditional Halo games. Needless to say, the release of Halo Infinite is only the beginning of 343's intentions.

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What's the official launch date of Halo Infinite?
Halo Infinite will be available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on December 8th.

What will be the new weapons in Halo Infinite?
The Halo Infinite may feature a VK 78 Commando assault rifle, a piston named Mangler, MK50 Sidekick small pistol etc.


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