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Point Spread Tie Rules (Push) If the Packers won the game by exactly 6 points, then it’s called a “push” and you would get your money back. Oftentimes you’ll see a point spread that has a ...

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Basketball Main Bets. Spread. Your bet options are Home; Away. Predict whether either team will cover the specified point spread for the match. Overtime NOT Included. 3 Way Moneyline. Your bet options are Home; Draw; Away. Predict the winner of the game, or a draw. Overtime NOT Included.


If a tie exists between three or more teams, the points for and against method will be used with a cap at 20 points per game. Example: If Team A wins by 32 points, only a point spread of +20 will be used for that game, not +32. Scores against the team(s) NOT involved in the three-way tie are discarded.

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Three-way moneylines and point spreads offer HOME - TIE - VISITOR as choices while game total odds offer OVER - TIE - UNDER options. Unlike two-way wagers, which are graded after a competition is...

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It’s also often labelled as 1×2 or 3-way betting. If there are 3 outcomes with one being a draw then it is a typical 3-way bet. In this example there are once again three outcomes: (1) Liverpool 1.182. (x) Draw 7.50. (2) Spartak Moscow 13.00. As you can see Liverpool is a big favourite to win this game.

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There are three potential outcomes of your point spread wager: you win, you lose or you push (a tie). Typically, a point spread has odds of -110 for either side of the bet. In the example above between the Cowboys and Giants, the point spread is 4.5 points, while the odds are -110, meaning you would have to wager $110 to earn a profit of $100, or a profit of $0.91 for every dollar you bet.

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Buying half points is a strategy that can work for basketball too. Most online betting sites offer bettors the ability to purchase half-points at 10 cents each. Let’s say the Lakers are -6.5 at odds of -110 for example. Here of some of the options you can expect to see. NBA Point Spreads. Los Angeles Lakers at -6.0. -120.

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If the Celtics win by exactly 10 points, the bet is a push or a tie, and no money changes hands. When betting against the point spread, bettors are asked to lay 11-to-10 odds, which means that they risk $11 to win $10. This is how the bookies and sportsbooks make their money. If I bet $11 on the Celtics and you bet $11 on the Knicks, the bookie ...

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3-Way Handicap (including alternatives) A 3-Way handicap is a wager that requires adjustment of the score by the specified line, just like in a point spread (see above.) However, there are no pushes. If the two scores are equal after the handicap is applied then the wager is graded as a loser unless you picked the “draw” or “tie” option.