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READ AND RECT : DRILLS pg. 1 All Contents Proprietary SINGLE SERIES DRILL 1 : PASS & CUT -FRONT CUT Frame 1 x3 2 1 1 passes one spot away to 2 x3 does not move Frame 2 x3 2 1 1 FRONT cuts, receives a return pass from 2 and finishes inside Frame 3 x3 2 1 x3 replaces 1 as an offensive player 1 rebounds, then takes the ball to the wing player and 1 becomes defender Frame 4

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In the Read and React, a dribble at triggers a backdoor cut. The same fill rule applies – fill an open spot above you when there is one available. Note that this is different than dribble penetration to the basket. This layer only applies when the ball handler dribbles at a teammate.

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Read and React Basketball Drills, the read and react basketball offense plays is very popular with youth Basketball coaches. This is why I put a video togeth...

Read and React Offense Breakdown Drills, Coach's Clipboard

To run the offense effectively, players must learn to read the defense and react correctly. These drills help make their actions more automatic. Their reactions must become so ingrained that they become "habits" - something they automatically do without thinking about it.

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Subscribe to the NEW Better Basketball Channel at https://www.youtube.com/betterbasketball and get new videos coming soon!A few months ago, I wrote a post on...

Better Basketball | Read & React Warm Up Drills

Integrate the Read & React reaction drills into as much as your practice as possible. And, be creative. TJ Rosene shows you two warm up drills that he uses every day before his team stretches, but these examples could easily be tweaked for your players, your gym, the layers you want to emphasize, or even the layers you are about to teach.

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Summary: One of the most popular new ways to teach the game of basketball is the Read and React offense. It was developed by Coach Rick Torbett and has been used and adapted by teams all over the United States at all levels. Many coaches like it because it teaches the basics of the game in layers, and there are no set plays, simply guidelines that govern the offense.

Better Basketball | Read and React: 3-Player Drills

3 PLAYER DRILLS FOR READ & REACT. This course contains 64 Three-Player Drills that build the reaction habits and decisions of the Read & React Offense. These drills are drawn from successful Read & React programs.