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What Position Should You Play in Volleyball?

Outside Hitter. The outside hitter is a position that requires a good all-around player. The team relies on the outside hitter for a significant amount of serve reception. Sometimes, you need to pass and get quickly into position to hit the ball. Often, the outside hitter is a large part of the offense as well.

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This position – also known as the right-side hitter – plays near the right antenna. Opposite hitters tend to be players who have the most versatility and can excel on both offense and defense. The opposite hitter also needs to possess solid jumping skills. Opposite hitters must be able to hit the ball from the front and back rows.

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What is the best position to play in volleyball and why?

If the player is looking at picking a position that will have the biggest impact on their team, check out the article on that. The player might also consider choosing a position to play that they believe their coach will most likely be able to help them improve in playing. For example, if their coach played setter in college they can probably get great pointers on being a setter from them.

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The easiest volleyball position is libero. Liberos don’t attack, don’t jump, so you don’t need to have much strength or be tall. It only involves defensive and in some cases setting skills. Now let’s explain in detail why it’s the easiest to be a libero and why other positions might be also right (or not) for you.

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Volleyball positions on the court can also be called zones. Position 4 being called zone 4 etc. Playing Positions in Volleyball Volleyball positions in a team: Outside hitter (also called wing spiker, left side) Right side hitter (wing spiker, right side) Opposite Hitter (attacker) Setter; Middle Blocker (center, middle hitter) Libero

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Serving/ receiving (2 + people), one person stands a few feet in front of a wall (so that you don't have to go and retrieve the ball constantly) whilst another person stands about half of a volleyball court away, maybe a bit more depending on their strength in their serve, the person serves it and the other tries to receive it, swap positions every now and then. setting/ blocking (2 + people) one person stands a few feet Infront of a wall positioning themselves to block,the other person ...

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A spiker is maybe the most important position in a volleyball team. He receives the most sets and attack attempts. Libero is the one receiving the serve, then the rest of the team (depending on who gets the ball) sets it up for the spiker so he can hit it and eventually score some points.

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1. Volleyball position numbers. It’s also important to know that the position numbers DON’T CHANGE, but the players move through the positions. For example, position 2 is always in the front court on the right hand side, and position 6 is always in the middle of the back court.